The Nippers program is an important part of Surf Life Saving throughout Australia and represents our future surf lifesavers. The key aim is to teach children surf safety and surf sports skills.


Nippers meet at Cable Beach each Sunday morning from May through to September. The children are split into age groups and cycle through a variety of activities, which include:


Theoretical Surf Safety

Sprints and Relays


Swims and Wades

Board Paddling (from under 9s)

Team Games


Parental involvement is important at any club and it's a National requirement that we have one Water Safety person for every five juniors in the water, so we need your involvement.


To help fundraise for our Nipper equipment each year, there is a sausage sizzle on each Sunday morning straight after Nippers. We always require volunteer parents to help support this important fundraiser for our nippers. If you have any questions or would like more information please feel free to email us,


For Nippers our first day is at the BRAC Pool, with a series of staggered starts to enable the Broome SLSC to test and check your child’s swimming ability. All age groups starting from U8s complete an annual pool swim to confirm that the members are proficient. For our day at the pool, please ensure that you bring swimming goggles and entry money for your nipper. This is mandatory, junior members will be excluded from water based activities at the beach until this is completed to the satisfaction of the Senior Age Group Manager.


The required Swim Proficiency is:


  • U/8’s 25 metres (any stroke) 1 minute Survival Float

  • U/9’s 25 metres (anystroke) 1 minute Survival Float

  • U/10’s 25 metres (freestyle) 1 ½ minute Survival Float

  • U/11’s 50 metres (freestyle) 2 minute Survival Float

  • U/12’s 100 metres (freestyle) 2 minute Survival Float

  • U/13’s 150 metres (freestyle) 3 minute Survival Float

Sundays -

Meet on the beach south of the clubhouse on Sundays starting at 8:30am sharp and finishing at 10:00am, however the U6’s & 7’s finish at 9:10am.  Check the club calendar for dates.


Whilst club bathers are not essential they are required in competition. Club gear can be purchased on Sunday mornings at the clubrooms.  Board shorts are not permitted for safety reasons (stingers, rash) and preventative leg range movement. Lycra swimming shorts/jammers are acceptable during regular club days. Skullcaps will be handed out at the beach for use during the season and then rejuvenated through the club annually. New members to the club are charged $5 to assist in covering the cost. Weekly your child should bring bottle of water, towel, goggles and wear sunscreen. Parents are required to be present on the beach at all times or have an appointed guardian, in case of injury, etc. 


What We Do?

The Broome SLSC helps to develop Surf Safety and Surf Skills through activities like wades, swims, board paddling, beach sprints, beach flags, team relays and more. Broome SLSC uses SLSA Curriculum and recognises this through awards. Proficiency evaluations and competition proficiencies are applied as per the requirements of both SLSWA and the Lifesaving NT. We require parental assistance at all times to safely manage our fun on the beach, with U6/7’s having a 1 to 1 ratio and all other age groups 1 to 5 for water safety requirements. This means YOU as a parent are required at all times, with bathers underneath should you need to get wet! If you’re interested in the Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze, email our club


See You On The Beach !


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